Cut the jargon to make your office more efficient

Every line of business picks up technical jargon and terminology to simplify complex ideas. However, if you’re using a series of convoluted metaphors to express an idea (“Time for some out-of-the-box, blue sky thinking to really grab the low hanging fruit here!”) then you may be making things more complicated than they need to be while decreasing the effectiveness of your communications.

Indeed, using jargon means that you are more easily misunderstood and locks in set patterns of thinking in the way that you go about things. All of this ultimately leads to jargon sucking the efficiency out of workplaces.

As reported by Conor Cawley in, a survey by American Express OPEN found that 64% of US office workers use jargon multiple times a week, while a staggering 88% pretend to understand jargon even though they have no idea what it means. Time for some clarity.

Study: Office Jargon Is Making You Less Productive