Don’t ditch your dreams – abandon these dangerous expectations instead

There’s nothing wrong with holding onto your dreams and doing your damnedest to make them a reality, but expectations are the root of all failure. Mainly because there is no way for reality to hold up against them.

Reality is messier. Reality is murkier. Reality keeps you real.

The Create & Cultivate team who wrote this article want you to dream big. But to achieve your dreams, they want you to ditch a set of four expectations that only lead you down the rabbit hole:

  1. That you’re owed something
  2. Needing to “win’
  3. That you are the smartest
  4. That you need to write a “way way too long” goal list

How many of these dangerous expectations do you have? Read the full article on Create & Cultivate:

Dream Big, But Abandon These 4 Dangerous Expectations

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Image credit: Jenna Peffley