Seven strategies to make yourself miserable

The pursuit of happiness is long-winded and can really wear you down. Do you know what’s easier? The voyage to sadness Maybe you want to be the saddest saddo sailing on the sea of sadness.

Here’s are seven easy steps to point you in the direction of total misery from CGP Grey and Randy Paterson.

Step 1: Stay still – be the human equivalent of a pile of laundry.

Step 2: Screw with your sleep – the goal is to never sleep and wake naturally at the same time.

Step 3: Maximise your screen-time – let your mobile screen keep you (sort of)awake.

Step 4: Use your screen to stoke your negative emotions – feed your anxiety about things you can’t change.

Step 5: Set vague and irrelevant goals – make your path unclear.

Step 6:  Pursue happiness directly – you’re less likely to achieve it.

Step 7: Follow your instincts – you’ll want to do things that make you sadder, so do them.

The video was based on Dr Randy Paterson’s How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use. The book gives you great examples of how you can achieve what you really want by focusing on the opposite.

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