Six ways finding yourself while travelling actually works

You might be justifiably sceptical of people who go on holiday ‘to find themselves’ and come back tanned and slightly more self-righteous a few months later. However, while a little introspection can never hurt, there really are some profound benefits to travelling.

Cate Palmer, writing in PickTheBrain, identifies six key areas where travelling can help you to improve yourself.

  1. Develop confidence: Get out of your comfort zone and meet new and interesting people; there’s a whole world out there after all.
  2. Embrace the unknown: To really challenge yourself, go somewhere where you don’t know the language or the culture – testing yourself will prove that you can cope with anything.
  3. Do something different: Break your routine and learn the value of novelty by doing something different or something that you’ve never done before.
  4. Take the initiative: When travelling, you’re the boss. Take control of the experience and learn how to direct things how you like them.
  5. Get good sleep: If sleeping in rough-and-ready accommodation teaches you one thing, though, it’s that good sleep is priceless – so plan ahead.
  6. Learn to learn better: If you resist change, then it won’t happen. Let yourself be in the moment, and let change happen.

How Traveling for Self-Improvement Could Actually Work