Ten things you’re doing that make your life harder

The key to success is getting promoted and earning more, right? Well, not exactly. Your first step to success is defining what it actually means for you – and there are plenty of negative behaviours which will make you miserable, wherever you are in life and however much you’re earning.

Tim Hoch, writing for Thought Catalog, identifies ten behaviours that may be making your life far harder than it has to be. Get past these and then think again about what success means for you.

  1. You presume intent: Don’t read too deeply into people’s actions (or their inaction) and don’t take things personally. Just because someone didn’t promptly return your call doesn’t mean they hate you.
  2. You stick rigidly to your secret life plan: If you have a beat-by-beat vision of how things are meant to turn out, then don’t be shocked if things sometimes follow a different path – and don’t reject spontaneity.
  3. You focus on worst case scenarios: Don’t focus on negativity. While you might feel a little better when you see that the worst case scenario doesn’t come true, instead turn your attention to the positive and reap the benefits.
  4. You have excessive or silent expectations: If you have excessively high expectations of people, or you don’t tell them what you want, expect to be disappointed. Be reasonable.
  5. You’re waiting for a sign to act: No you’re not – you’re waiting for permission from yourself to go ahead. The time to act is now!
  6. You always avoid risks: Avoiding risks can keep you safe and comfortable, but it also keeps life boring and closes doors on new opportunities.
  7. You constantly compare yourself to others: Always comparing yourself to others means stoking the fires of envy while failing to appreciate what you have. Instead, take inspiration from others and their achievements.
  8. You passively let people dominate your time: Whatever else you have, don’t let people steal your time – prioritise the most important and the most deserving things in your life.
  9. You don’t let things go: Whether focusing on grief, resentment or the road not taken, it’s important to eventually put things behind you. Learn and allow yourself to move on.
  10. You only focus on yourself: Whether volunteering for a charity or just saying a kind word, incorporating altruistic behaviour into your routine will make you happier and more fulfilled.

10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be