These are the things you should never tell your colleagues about yourself

Opening up about yourself can be a great way of getting to know people and building rapport, whether with clients or colleagues. However, there are some things you should simply never discuss.

Travis Bradberry, writing in TheLadders, has a comprehensive list of things that you shouldn’t share.

  1. Your politics: Politics is more polarised than ever, today, and getting into an argument on the subject can very quickly turn into a row over someone’s most fundamental principles – and discovering that they disagree with you may permanently change their view of you.
  2. Someone else’s incompetence: There are proper channels for these things; if you can’t help them or fire them, then this is simply gossiping at best or backstabbing at worst.
  3. Your salary: Nothing good is going to come of this. You’ll either be envied or looked down upon for poor negotiation.
  4. Your sex life: You need to separate your work and social life at some point. These are your colleagues, after all, and not your friends. Discussing what you get up to under the sheets is highly likely to be inappropriate.
  5. Other people’s sex lives: Whether information or speculation, this one’s even more guaranteed to be not only inappropriate but also to be offensive. It’s pure gossip and could easily stretch into workplace misconduct.
  6. Your wild youth: Want to communicate bad judgement? Tell your colleagues about the crazy things you used to get up to at the weekend.
  7. That you hate your job: Constant complaints bring things down for everyone – and the source of the negativity will be more obvious to your boss than you might imagine.
  8. That you’re leaving: Want to tell people that you don’t matter in the office anymore? Announce that you’re on the way out.

8 things smart people never reveal about themselves at work

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