Tired of constant choices? Go on a decision-making diet

Exhausted by the number of decisions you have to make every day? ‘Decision fatigue’ is a real psychological state, so you’re not alone. What can you do about it? Go on a decision-making diet.

Ever noticed that Simon Cowell has a very limited wardrobe? It’s a habit that many phenomenally successful people have. Look at photos of Mark Zuckerberg and you’ll notice he’s always in the same outfit. Obviously, money’s not the issue here – these guys do this deliberately. Cutting simple choices out of their lives mean they save their decision-making energy for really important issues. This ‘precommitment’ is a strategy people use to conserve mental energy, help them make rational decisions and avoid procrastination.

You don’t have to run a huge company to get decision fatigue – just having an email inbox can do it for you. We do a lot go things in our life automatically – reducing the number of daily decisions is about making more of your behaviour habitual. Zuckerberg’s on autopilot when he goes to his wardrobe every morning. You could be too.

Tomas Laurinavicius has come up with a decision-making diet, which is easy to adopt:

1. Define a vision – start with an end goal so everything you do has a purpose.
2. Make a script for your regular daily activities so you don’t have to improvise every day. This will help you build a series of habits you no longer need to think about.
3. Create the right environment – set your daily life up for easier decision making. Use the right to-do lists, limit your commitments and remove distractions.
4. Monitor your decision-making. Nearly half the decisions we make are habitual, so becoming aware of what you’re deciding and how will help you cut decisions out of your life.

Read the article on Forbes:

How to master your life with the decision-making diet