What Game of Thrones can tell us about the workplace

On the face of it, Game of Thrones might seem like it’s about dragons and zombies. Actually, it’s all about political – read workplace – conflicts and rivalry, writes Caroline O’Donoghue in The Pool.

Daenerys and Cersei want the same job; Sansa can’t deal with her position; Jon doesn’t understand his; and Olenna Tyrell just got ousted in some inter-departmental warfare.

Then there’s the depiction of the “involuntary mentor” – people like Littlefinger who pull the strings and make it their mission to “steer the careers” of younger women in the right direction. And their typical advice? Be a non-threatening yes man. Then there’s Ser Jorah Mormont, who, when you really get down to it, might just be a fawning creep. Beware.

Game Of Thrones is really just a workplace drama, with dragons